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22 April 2010 @ 09:08 pm
I've been keeping fish for a couple of year, started with community tanks, then for the last 1.5 years been keeping malawi cichlids. I'm just in the process of exchanging all the tank decoration and set-up my very first birchir tank :). Finally.

The tank is 300 litres so I'm gonna be limited to the smaller species. The only one I've found locally so far is a Polypterus Senegalus. But I'm on the hunt for a Palmas or a Delhezi. I'll hopefully be finished with the tank by the weekend.

One question: Would I be able to keep 2 Senegalus in a 300L tank? It's 120cm long,40cm wide and 51cm high.

02 December 2008 @ 09:43 am
I want a really cool hi-res coral life background for my computer but can't find one on those ridiculous sites that want u to sign up for stuff... anyone have one to email me? issokay@gmail.com

Thanks in advance!
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31 May 2008 @ 09:25 pm
I got a Polypterus endlicheri congicus today!

He is a bit skinny, but even stressed out you can see light barring on his backside. He got in a fight with my larger sene already, which made me gulp in fear but they seemed to have settled their beef. (he'll outgrown the sene in no time and be moved to my South American tank soon)

He cost me $40. Sound like a deal to you guys? (He was listed at $80)


..now I need to come up with a name...
So. My lap bichir, Ellie, 16 inches long, 6(ish) inches round, lovely fish, loves me, love her.

I know, there is a strike, if I wasn't freaked, I wouldn't post. Sorry.Super long post, lots of detailCollapse )

---------------- edit ----------------
I just checked her an hour ago.. (didn't post as I had people come over and drop off a rescued Bala just after finding her)

she is very dead, very stiff.. Unfortunatly I don't have a back yard and she is to big for my plant pots, so I've had to wrap her in a bag and throw her away. God I am so heart broken and I feel like this is all my fault. Pita is devistated, even with the new fish for him to play with, he wont come out of his corner. How do I help him??
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21 February 2008 @ 08:34 pm
I have a 20G heavily plant tank with a sene and flag fish. George (the sene) is very docile, I added in some ghost shrimp for some treats a few weeks ago and he won't even recognize them as snacks since I added the flag fish. There are also some guppies that bred and had babies. I was wondering if it'd be a horrible idea to add in my betta to the tank. He's living in a 5G and I'm trying to figure out a way to cut back on tanks so that location can have plants. Just getting a dog in my house is causing us to need to rearrange a bit. I'm mainly curious if anyone has known of a betta and a sene to be able to coexist, especially a chill sene. Simply put though, if it's a bad idea I won't do it.
21 December 2007 @ 10:25 pm
If you live in or reasonably near to Chicago I have a P. senegalus looking for new home. It's about 6" long and pretty much eats anything. I can drive to meet you half way or you can come pick it up from me. Sorry no shipping and I won't drive more than 40 miles.
30 July 2007 @ 09:44 am
Looks like our Polypetrid babies have hit the cover of TFH Magazine!

Or, at least, the ReedFish is their cover fish for August 2007. There is also a very nice and long article inside filled with nice pictures. I have only skimmed it right now, but I will sit down and give it a good read very soon. It looks good.

Just a heads up! I'll post more soon if I can find more information. ^_^
I detest purchasing fish from Wal-mart, but once or twice a year they suddenly decide to get in shipments of Spiny Eels. Once this happens, I am flooded with phone calls from well meaning friends and family who know my passion for eels. Of course, I *have* to go have a look.

The last time they got in eels they were all small Peacock Eels and where housed in a dirty tank with figure-eight Puffers: all were chewed up, bloody, and dying. The first time I bought all eight of the eels, the second time I bought the four most likely to survive in the tank. Every. Single. One. Died. I was not surprised at the loss. I was happy to have given them a place filled with deep sand to burrow in for the final week of their lives. (yeah, they barely lasted a week).

This time the eels were being housed with Kissing Fish, but they seemed to have been left mostly alone. A quick look at the fish told me they were NOT peacock eels, even though they are selling them under that name for only $4 a piece.

There were more than half a dozen of these eels in the tank, but I only took home three of them. While not in the best situation, it was greatly improved from the last puffer-chewed eels I had seen. They were placed into a ten gallon quarantine tank filled with white aquarium sand as soon as I got home and they settled in quickly. One is a heater-hugger (*headache*), but the others are happy to disappear in the sand all day.

Okay, enough chatter. Time for some really lame pictures and hopefully someone reading this will recognize what kind of eel these are. I want to set up their habitat correct to their unique needs, and to do that I need to know what I have gotten my hands on here……

Read more...Collapse )

As much as I hate wal-mart’s treatment of fish, I cannot ignore the fact that their stupidity in fish husbandry opens up some sadly remarkable opportunities for rarer fish keepers like me to get our hands on odd mis-named and under priced fish. :/

Sorry for being so long winded everyone. But new finds get my quite excited. Thanks for any help you can give!

20 June 2007 @ 08:07 pm
Snapped a couple pics of a huge Goby I saw in my LFS' 300 gallon tank...pics +2Collapse )

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